Raghavendra Singh

Twitter is doing 5 things horribly

This is just a rant on how I would want to use twitter more but I keep getting roadblocked. The final straw was trying to message someone on twitter after his e-mail address bounced and then finding DMs aren’t possible because of celebrities.

1. Search is awful

A. Can’t search on a non-desktop device

There are people like me who prefer using twitter within their mobile browser. It’s just faster to do everything in a browser and not to mention there are innumerable benefits of not installing an additional app.
I go on twitter.com/search and enter some term and only manage to get top tweets.There is no button for all tweets, as it will crash your puny lightweight device. With all that big data, it’s so big that it’s bigger than a whale

Most of the time I am more interested in all tweets and not top tweets as diverse people have interesting opinions.
Maybe they disabled it because of...

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